The biscuit

  • 2 eggs
  • 100 milliliters (3.4 ounces) vegetable oil
  • 100 grams (3.5 ounces) sugar
  • 200 grams (7 ounces) flour
  • 10 grams (0.35 ounces) vanilla sugar
  • 10 grams (0.35 ounces) baking powder
  • 200 grams (7 ounces) banana pulp
  • 0.5 teaspoons cinnamon


  • 230 grams (8.1 ounces) whipping cream
  • 200 grams (7 ounces) bitter chocolate


  • blueberries


  • Mixing Bowls

    Ensure you have various sizes for effective mixing of wet and dry ingredients. Stainless steel or glass bowls work best.

  • Electric Mixer or Whisk

    A hand or stand mixer will save you time and effort. If using a whisk, make sure it's sturdy enough for thorough mixing.

  • Baking Tin

    Use a non-stick baking tin to avoid sticking. Greasing and flouring the tin will ensure an easy release.

  • Wooden Skewer

    Essential for checking the doneness of your pastry. A toothpick can also work in a pinch.

  • Microwave or Stovetop

    Useful for gently heating the cream necessary for the ganache.


Step 1

Step 1: Grease a baking tin with butter, thoroughly sprinkle with flour, shake off the excess, and place it in the fridge while preparing the dough. Keeping the baking tin cold helps prevent the dough from sticking.

Step 2

Step 2: Mash the banana with a fork, then add eggs, vegetable oil, sugar, and cinnamon. Mix well until combined. Ensure the banana is thoroughly mashed for a smoother batter.

Step 3

Step 3: In a separate bowl, mix the flour and baking powder. Gradually combine this with the egg mixture. Sift the flour to avoid lumps in the batter.

Step 4

Step 4: Pour the dough into the prepared baking tin. Bake at 356°F (180°C) for about 20 minutes or until a wooden skewer inserted into the center comes out clean. Do not open the oven door while the biscuit is baking to maintain even temperature.

Step 5

Step 5: Let the biscuit cool completely before proceeding with the ganache. Cooling the biscuit is crucial for proper ganache setting.

Step 6

Step 6: Heat the whipping cream until just before boiling, then pour it over the bitter chocolate. Let it sit for 15 seconds, then stir until smooth. You can additionally heat it in the microwave for 10-15 seconds if needed. Use high-quality chocolate for a richer flavor.

Step 7

Step 7: Whip the mixture with a blender until smooth. Ensure the ganache is fully integrated for a creamy texture.

Step 8

Step 8: Once the biscuit is cool, pour the slightly cooled chocolate ganache over it. Let it stabilize slightly and then decorate with blueberries. Chill the decorated biscuit in the fridge for a firmer ganache.


Ready to serve this delightful Banana Chocolate Ganache Pastry? Here are some fun and tasty ideas to make your serving experience unforgettable! 🎉

Option 1: The Classic: Serve the pastry as is, letting the rich chocolate ganache and fresh blueberries speak for themselves. A true crowd-pleaser perfect for any time of the day!

Option 2: Elegant Pairing: Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of caramel sauce to enhance the decadent flavors. This combination is sure to impress your guests at any dinner party. 🍨

Option 3: Coffee Companion: Enjoy a slice of this scrumptious pastry with a hot cup of coffee or tea. The rich chocolate and banana notes complement warm beverages splendidly, making it a fantastic mid-afternoon treat. ☕

Option 4: Fruity Boost: Add a handful of fresh berries on top for an extra burst of freshness and color. This not only makes it even more delicious but also visually appealing. 🍓


Want to make this amazing pastry gluten-free or vegan? We've got you covered! 🌱🍰

*Gluten-Free Variation*: Use gluten-free flour instead of regular flour. Ensure all other ingredients are certified gluten-free to avoid any contamination. This will give you the same delicious taste without the gluten.

*Vegan Variation*: Substitute the eggs with flaxseed eggs (2 tbsp flaxseed meal mixed with 5 tbsp water, let sit for 5 minutes). Use a non-dairy milk like almond or soy instead of whipping cream, and opt for vegan chocolate. Voilà, you have yourself a vegan-friendly pastry! 🌿


  • Q: How do I know when my biscuit is fully baked?

    A: Use a wooden skewer or toothpick to check. Insert it into the center of the biscuit; if it comes out clean, your biscuit is ready!

  • Q: Can I use a different fruit instead of banana?

    A: Yes, you can experiment with other fruits like applesauce or pureed pumpkin for a different flavor profile. Adjust the sugar accordingly.

  • Q: How do I avoid lumps in my ganache?

    A: Make sure to heat the cream until it's just about to boil, then pour it over the chopped chocolate and let it sit for 15 seconds before stirring. This helps to melt the chocolate evenly.

  • Q: Can I make the ganache in advance?

    A: Absolutely! You can prepare the ganache up to 3 days in advance. Store it in the refrigerator and gently reheat it before using.

  • Q: How do I achieve a perfectly smooth ganache layer?

    A: Pour the ganache over the biscuit while it's slightly cool. Use a spatula or knife to spread it evenly and give it a gentle shake to smooth out any air bubbles.

  • Q: Can I add other toppings besides blueberries?

    A: Of course! Feel free to get creative with your toppings. Nuts, other fruits, or even edible flowers can add a beautiful touch to your pastry.

Nutrition facts

Banana pie with blueberry and chocolate
Recipe Yield:8 servings
Calories:Approximately 380 calories per serving
Calories (Min - Max):360 - 400
Total Fat:20g
Saturated Fat:10g
Total Carbohydrate:40g
Total Sugars:25g