• 1 egg (1 pc)
  • 25 grams (0.88 ounces) cream cheese
  • 65 grams (2.3 ounces) yogurt
  • 35 grams (1.23 ounces) all-purpose flour
  • A pinch of baking powder
  • Zest of 1 lemon
  • Sweetener to taste


  • Mixing Bowl

    Make sure it’s large enough to combine all ingredients without spills.

  • Whisk

    Opt for a sturdy one to easily create a smooth, airy batter.

  • Sifter

    This helps to aerate the flour, giving your pancakes a lighter texture.

  • Non-Stick Pan

    A quality non-stick pan ensures even cooking and easy flipping.

  • Spatula

    Choose a silicone one to prevent scratches on your non-stick pan.


Step 1

In a mixing bowl, beat the egg with the cream cheese and yogurt until you have a smooth, homogenous mixture. Make sure the cream cheese is at room temperature to mix more easily.

Step 2

Gradually add the sifted flour to the wet ingredients, stirring continuously to avoid lumps. Sifting the flour helps in making the mixture smoother.

Step 3

Add a pinch of baking powder and the zest of one lemon. Mix well until everything is fully incorporated. Adding the lemon zest gives a fresh and aromatic flavor to the pancakes.

Step 4

Heat a non-stick skillet over medium heat. Pour a small amount of batter onto the skillet and cook the pancake until bubbles start to form on the surface and the edges look set, then flip and cook until both sides are golden brown. Use a thin spatula for easier flipping.


Classic Breakfast: Pair your fluffy pancakes with a generous drizzle of maple syrup, a pat of salted butter, and a side of crispy bacon. The sweet and savory combo is a sure winner!

🥳 Berry Bliss: Top with fresh berries, a dollop of whipped cream, and a sprinkle of powdered sugar for a picture-perfect brunch plate.

🍫 Decadent Dessert: Turn your pancakes into a sweet treat by adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, and a handful of chopped nuts. Pure indulgence!

🥭 Tropical Twist: Serve with sliced bananas, a splash of coconut milk, and toasted coconut flakes for a refreshing change.

Health Nut: For a healthier option, try topping with Greek yogurt, a drizzle of honey, and mixed nuts for a delicious crunch!


🌿 **Gluten-Free Variation:** Use a gluten-free flour blend instead of regular flour. Ensure the baking powder is also gluten-free to keep the recipe safe for those with gluten sensitivities.

🌱 **Vegan Variation:** Replace the egg with a flax egg (1 tbsp ground flaxseed mixed with 3 tbsp water) and substitute the cream cheese and yogurt with dairy-free alternatives. Opt for a plant-based sweetener like maple syrup or agave.


  • Why are my pancakes not fluffy?

    It could be due to overmixing the batter or not incorporating enough air. Make sure to mix gently and not overwork the batter.

  • Can I use whole wheat flour?

    Yes, but whole wheat flour may result in denser pancakes. You might need to adjust the liquid content slightly to keep them fluffy.

  • How do I know when to flip the pancakes?

    Look for bubbles forming on the surface and edges setting; this is the sign they’re ready to flip!

  • Can I freeze the pancakes?

    Absolutely! Allow them to cool completely, then place in a single layer on a baking sheet to freeze. Once solid, transfer to a freezer bag.

  • What is the best way to reheat frozen pancakes?

    Reheat in a toaster or oven for the best texture, or microwave for convenience.

  • Can I add other flavors to the batter?

    Definitely! Try adding vanilla extract, cocoa powder, or spices like cinnamon for a flavor boost.

Nutrition facts

Lemon pancakes
Recipe Yield:4-6 pancakes
Calories:Per serving (assuming 1-2 pancakes)
Calories (Min - Max):160 - 180
Total Fat:6g
Saturated Fat:3g
Total Carbohydrate:14g
Total Sugars:2g