Marshmallow Base

  • 100 grams (3.5 ounces) applesauce
  • 30 grams (1.06 ounces) lime puree
  • 40 grams (1.41 ounces) egg whites
  • 100 grams (3.5 ounces) sugar
  • 0.5 teaspoons (0.5 teaspoons) lime zest


  • 110 grams (3.88 ounces) water
  • 7 grams (0.25 ounces) agar
  • 175 grams (6.17 ounces) sugar


  • 15 grams (0.53 ounces) finely ground coconut flakes


  • Hand Mixer

    Essential for achieving the perfect fluffy texture in your marshmallows. Make sure your mixer has a strong motor and different speed settings.

  • Thermometer

    This tool is crucial for heating your syrup to exactly 110°C (230°F). Accurate temperature control ensures the best consistency.

  • Pastry Bag

    For beautifully shaped marshmallows, use a pastry bag with a wide nozzle. Ensure it's sturdy to handle the thick marshmallow mixture.

  • Paring Knife

    Use this to zest the lime. A finely zested lime adds a burst of flavor without the bitter pith.

  • Spatula

    Gently fold ingredients together with a spatula instead of vigorous mixing to maintain the fluffy texture.

  • Coffee Grinder

    This helps grind the coconut flakes to the perfect consistency without turning them into a paste. Pulse carefully.


Step 1

Gently grind the coconut flakes with a coffee grinder to achieve fine and soft crumbs. Be careful not to let it reach a paste consistency; it should remain crumbly. For best results, pulse gently and check texture frequently.

Step 2

Place the puree in a mixer bowl, and add the sugar and lime zest. Start whisking, gradually adding the egg whites in two passes. If you're using albumin (6 grams | 0.20 ounces) instead, mix it with warm puree and let it rest for a while before adding. Make sure the puree is very thick if you are using egg whites.

Step 3

Meanwhile, heat the syrup ingredients—water, sugar, and agar—over medium heat until it reaches 110°C (230°F). You can add food coloring at this stage if desired. Use a candy thermometer for precise measurement.

Step 4

With the mixer running at medium speed, gently pour the hot syrup into the well-whipped mass. Mix for no more than a minute. Do not overmix; this ensures a fluffy texture.

Step 5

Add the ground coconut flakes to the mixer bowl and gently combine with a spatula. Alternatively, you can sprinkle coconut flakes in layers when placing the marshmallow mass into a pastry bag.

Step 6

Form the marshmallows on parchment paper and let them stabilize for 24 hours. Ensure they are spaced well to avoid sticking together.

Step 7

Once stabilized, connect the marshmallow halves and sprinkle with powdered sugar and additional coconut flakes if desired. Store in an airtight container for 5 to 7 days. Marshmallows will be slightly sticky as they dry, which is normal for citrus-based recipes.


The magic of these lime coconut marshmallows comes alive when served in a variety of fun and delightful ways. If you're planning a cozy night in, try floating a few in your hot chocolate or coffee for a burst of tropical flavor. Planning a party? Arrange these beauties on a decorative plate, sprinkled with a dusting of confectioner's sugar and a few extra coconut flakes for that irresistible finishing touch! For an elegant dessert, pair these marshmallows with a citrusy sorbet or a tangy fruit compote. The soft bite of the marshmallows contrasts beautifully with the refreshing zing of the fruit. If you're feeling especially indulgent, melt some dark chocolate and dip the marshmallows halfway in, letting them cool on parchment paper for a treat that’s as lovely to look at as it is to eat. For the kids (or the kid in you), transform these marshmallows into fun shapes using cookie cutters, and serve them at birthday parties or picnics. They can also be a fun addition to your camping trip – imagine the delight of roasting these fluffy confections over a campfire, capturing that delightful toasted coconut aroma. However you choose to enjoy them, these marshmallows add a special touch to any occasion.


For a gluten-free version of this delicious treat, ensure all your ingredients are certified gluten-free. This means double-checking that your coconut flakes, sugar, and any other additives are not processed in facilities that handle gluten-containing grains. To make a vegan version, you can replace the egg whites with aquafaba (the liquid from a can of chickpeas). Use the same quantity as you would for egg whites, and whisk until you achieve stiff peaks. Also, use agar powder as a gelatin substitute, and ensure any sugar or sweeteners you use are vegan-friendly. With these adjustments, everyone can enjoy these delightful marshmallows!


  • How can I tell if my marshmallow mixture is whipped enough?

    The mixture should form stiff, glossy peaks that hold their shape when you lift the whisk. If the mixture is still runny, keep whipping.

  • Why are my marshmallows sticky on top after drying?

    This is normal for citrus-based marshmallows. You can sprinkle them with more coconut flakes or confectioner's sugar to counteract the stickiness.

  • Can I substitute agar with another thickening agent?

    Yes, you can use gelatin as an alternative. Adjust the quantity as gelatin has different gelling properties compared to agar.

  • How can I achieve a stronger lime flavor?

    You can add a bit more lime zest or even a dash of lime extract to intensify the flavor. Just be cautious with liquid extract to avoid altering the consistency too much.

  • Can I use a planetary mixer instead of a hand mixer?

    Yes, but be careful with the speed settings and mixing time, as planetary mixers can be more powerful and may over-whip the mixture.

  • How do I store these marshmallows to keep them fresh longer?

    Store them in an airtight container at room temperature. Avoid humidity and direct sunlight to keep them fluffy and fresh for up to a week.

Nutrition facts

Lime & coconut marshmallow
Recipe Yield:20 marshmallows
Calories:Approximately 50-60 calories per marshmallow
Calories (Min - Max):50 - 60
Total Fat:0.3 grams
Saturated Fat:0.1 grams
Protein:0.6 grams
Total Carbohydrate:13 grams
Total Sugars:12 grams