Open pie

  • 130 grams (4.6 ounces) butter
  • 90 grams (3.2 ounces) sour cream
  • 70 grams (2.5 ounces) cane sugar
  • A pinch of vanilla
  • 1 teaspoon (0.2 ounces) cinnamon
  • 300 grams (10.6 ounces) first grade flour
  • 0.6 teaspoon (0.12 ounces) baking soda
  • 450 grams (15.9 ounces) sweet pears


  • Mixing Bowl

    Essential for whisking together the dough ingredients. Opt for a non-slippery base for better control.

  • Measuring Cups and Spoons

    Precision is key in baking. Ensure your measurements are accurate for the best results.

  • Rolling Pin

    Helps in evenly rolling the dough. A non-stick pin can make your job easier.

  • Baking Sheet

    Choose a non-stick or parchment-lined baking sheet to prevent your pie from sticking.

  • Knife

    Sharp enough to easily slice through pears but safe to handle.

  • Oven

    Consistent temperature is crucial, so a preheated oven is your best friend.


Step 1

Step 1: Melt the butter and let it cool until slightly warm. Tip: This helps to achieve the right consistency for your dough.

Step 2

Step 2: In a mixing bowl, combine the melted butter, sour cream, cane sugar, baking soda, and a pinch of vanilla. Tip: Ensure the mixture is well combined to avoid lumps.

Step 3

Step 3: Gradually add the flour to the mixture, kneading it into a soft dough. Tip: If the dough is too sticky, add a little more flour.

Step 4

Step 4: Cut the pears into 0.2-inch slices, making sure to remove the core. Tip: Use ripe but firm pears for the best texture.

Step 5

Step 5: Divide the dough into three equal parts. Roll each piece into a circle about 0.2 inches thick. Tip: Use a lightly floured surface to prevent sticking.

Step 6

Step 6: Arrange the pear slices on the dough circles, leaving a 0.8-inch border around the edges. Tip: Start from the center and work your way outwards.

Step 7

Step 7: Spread 5 ounces of butter evenly over the pears on each pie. Sprinkle with cinnamon for added flavor. Tip: You may also add a bit of sugar for extra sweetness.

Step 8

Step 8: Fold the edges of the dough towards the center, partially covering the pears. Tip: This helps to keep the pears in place while baking.

Step 9

Step 9: Preheat your oven to 415°F (210°C) and bake the pies until they are golden brown. Tip: This should take about 15-20 minutes, but keep an eye on them.

Step 10

Step 10: Once cooled, you can sprinkle some powdered sugar on top before serving. Tip: This adds an extra touch of sweetness and visual appeal.


Imagine this: It's a lazy Sunday afternoon, and the scent of freshly baked pear pie fills your kitchen. You pull the golden brown pie from the oven, let it cool, and sprinkle it with a hint of powdered sugar. If you're feeling a bit indulgent, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side. This delightful pie pairs perfectly with a cup of Earl Grey tea or a rich espresso. Hosting a dinner party? Serve small slices with a dollop of whipped cream for a sweet finish. For a healthier twist, add a handful of fresh berries. Each bite is a burst of juicy pear, aromatic cinnamon, and buttery crust – pure bliss!


For those who need gluten-free options, swap the flour with a gluten-free blend. Ensure it’s a mix that's designed for baking to maintain the texture of the dough. For a vegan twist, replace the butter with a plant-based alternative and the sour cream with coconut cream. You can sweeten it with maple syrup or agave nectar instead of cane sugar. These adjustments won't compromise the delightful taste and will cater to all dietary preferences.


  • How do I know when the pie is fully baked?

    The pie is ready when the crust is golden brown and the pears are tender. You'll notice the delicious aroma wafting from the oven. Keep an eye on it to avoid overbaking.

  • Can I use other fruits instead of pears?

    Absolutely! Apples, peaches, or berries make wonderful alternatives. Just ensure they are ripe and juicy for the best result.

  • Should I peel the pears before using them?

    It's a matter of preference. Leaving the peel on adds a bit of texture, while peeling them gives a smoother finish.

  • What's the best way to store leftover pie?

    Place the leftover pie in an airtight container and store it in the refrigerator. It should stay fresh for up to 3 days.

  • Can I freeze the dough for later use?

    Yes, you can freeze the dough. Wrap it tightly in plastic wrap and store it in a freezer bag. Thaw it in the refrigerator before use.

  • How can I make the crust flakier?

    Ensure that your ingredients, especially butter, are cold. You could also chill the dough briefly before rolling it out for an extra flaky crust.

Nutrition facts

Recipe Yield:3 small pies, 6-inch diameter each
Calories:Per serving
Calories (Min - Max):350 - 400
Total Fat:20g
Saturated Fat:12g
Total Carbohydrate:40g
Total Sugars:20g