Whipped Poppy Ganache

  • 90 grams (3.15 ounces) cream 33% (#1)
  • 10 grams (0.35 ounces) glucose syrup
  • 10 grams (0.35 ounces) trimolin
  • 3 grams (0.10 ounces) gelatin
  • 140 grams (4.95 ounces) white chocolate
  • 240 grams (8.45 ounces) cream 33% (#2)
  • 20 grams (0.70 ounces) poppy seeds


  • Mixing Bowls

    Ensure you have a variety of sizes to accommodate all your ingredients and mixing needs.

  • Whisk

    A hand whisk is essential for achieving the perfect peaks in your ganache.

  • Double Boiler

    Melting chocolate gently is key to a smooth ganache. If you don't have one, you can use a heatproof bowl over a simmering pot of water.

  • Hand Mixer or Stand Mixer

    These tools make whipping your ganache to the right consistency much easier.

  • Measuring Scale

    Precision is key in baking, so a digital kitchen scale will be your best friend for this recipe.


Step 1

Soak the gelatin in cold water. Ensure the gelatin blooms properly to avoid lumps.

Step 2

In a small saucepan, bring the cream (#1), trimolin, and glucose syrup to a boil. Remove from heat once it reaches a boil. Be careful not to let it boil over.

Step 3

Add the soaked gelatin to the hot mixture and dissolve completely. Stir continuously to ensure the gelatin is fully dissolved.

Step 4

Pour the warm mixture over the white chocolate. Wait for 3 minutes, then blend with a mixer to form an emulsion. Using a hand blender can make the emulsion process smoother.

Step 5

Add the cold cream (#2) to the mixture, and blend well until combined. The cold cream helps in balancing the temperature of the ganache.

Step 6

Cover the mixture with plastic wrap so that it touches the surface and place it in the refrigerator to stabilize for several hours. This prevents a skin from forming on the ganache.

Step 7

Whisk the ganache until it forms stiff peaks before use. A stand mixer will make this process easier.

Step 8

At the very end, add the poppy seeds and mix gently for a few seconds. Over-mixing can cause the seeds to lose their texture.


🍰 **Elevate Your Cakes**: Spread this whipped poppy ganache between layers of a sponge cake for a sophisticated, eye-catching dessert that will leave your guests in awe.

🥐 **Pastry Puff**: Pipe small, elegant dollops onto mini tarts or puff pastry shells for a bite-sized treat that's both beautiful and delicious.

🍓 **Fruit Fusion**: Pair the creamy ganache with fresh strawberries, raspberries, or blueberries for a refreshing and decadent dessert platter.

☕ **Coffee Companion**: Add a touch of luxury to your morning coffee routine by spreading a little ganache on a slice of toasted brioche or a croissant.

🍦 **Ice Cream Topper**: Use the ganache as a lush topping for vanilla or almond ice cream, adding a surprising crunch with the poppy seeds. You can also mix it in for a rich, creamy delight.


🌾 **Gluten-Free Option**: Good news! This whipped poppy ganache is naturally gluten-free, ensuring that those with gluten sensitivities can indulge without worry. Just double-check that all ingredients used (like chocolate) are certified gluten-free.

🌱 **Vegan Variation**: Swap the heavy cream for coconut cream and use vegan white chocolate. You'll also replace gelatin with agar-agar. Just follow the same steps and enjoy a plant-based twist on this delightful ganache.


  • Why does my ganache look separated?

    Make sure to blend the mixture thoroughly after adding the gelatin to ensure a smooth emulsion, and avoid overheating the cream which can cause separation.

  • Can I use a regular pot if I don’t have a double boiler?

    Yes, just place a heatproof bowl over a simmering pot of water - it works just as well!

  • How can I tell when my ganache is whipped enough?

    When soft peaks form and hold their shape, your ganache is ready to use. Avoid over-whipping, as this can cause the texture to become grainy.

  • Can I make this ganache ahead of time?

    Yes, you can whip it and store it in the fridge for up to 24 hours. Re-whip slightly before use to restore its fluffy texture.

  • What’s the best way to incorporate poppy seeds evenly?

    Add them in at the very end and mix for just a few seconds to distribute them evenly without overmixing the ganache.

  • Can I infuse additional flavors into the ganache?

    Absolutely! You can add a few drops of vanilla extract or almond essence during the whipping stage for an extra layer of flavor.

Nutrition facts

Recipe Yield:8 servings
Calories:Per serving
Calories (Min - Max):350 - 400
Total Fat:25g
Saturated Fat:15g
Total Carbohydrate:30g
Total Sugars:28g